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Our phase 2 plan, Campus Building Standards, a gallery exhibit, and collision reporting app will be released in Spring 2024!
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Since 2022

About our research

Our project aims to raise awareness across the University of Washington, Seattle campus about the loss of birds due to collisions with transparent or reflective glass and lit surfaces. Students and volunteers monitor 22 campus buildings for dead birds that have collided with glass surfaces from September 2022 through March 2024. The species and location data collected will help us plan future design solutions and learn which species are most vulnerable to collisions on campus and in our region. Our project seeks to create an inclusive space for everyone on campus to learn about birds and how architecture impacts wildlife. All are welcome to join and everyone’s accessibility needs will be met throughout the project. As of Summer 2023 our entire team of researchers and developers represent women in the sciences!

Our research assistants and lead developers are funded by the Campus Sustainability Fund

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