Bird Friendly Campus

is a student-led research project dedicated to protecting birds on the UW Seattle campus and beyond. Help us collect data on campus by signing up as a volunteer collision monitor below or report a collision above!

Campus Collision Victims

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Over 22 bird species represent the up to 15,000 birds that die because of window collisions on UW’s campus every year. Over half of those species are in decline, with two in severe decline. Our work will save 100s of thousands of birds and help prevent the loss of entire species.


Our interdisciplinary study combines architecture, the built environment, tech, and environmental sciences to understand the impact of buildings on wildlife.


Run by students for students, our UW, Seattle-based research will provide learning opportunities to countless students through 2025 while protecting campus birds for generations.


Our app eliminated web-based forms and handwritten observations - the first in the field - including automatically generated metrics. Plus the app includes real-time map and report updates.

🏢 Learn how to design bird-safe buildings and collect field data while earning credits!

UW Seattle students only. Students must sign up for two hours of collision monitoring per week.  

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Report Collisions


You can report collisions from any location by clicking the button above! Join our newsletter to be the first to learn about how to report collisions from your phone! 



Volunteer collision monitors are the heart of our project! The commitment is minimal (one hour per week), we supply everything you need to collect the data, all sites are on campus, and you get to be part of a group of supportive bird lovers, environmentalists, and designers! 

Sponsor Our Project


We're looking for sponsors to support Phase 2 of our project by funding bird-safe patterns to retrofit campus buildings. The patterns will be monitored for effectiveness over one year. Email us (link below) for more info!  

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Phase 1 (data collection) of our project is funded by the Campus Sustainability Fund.
Phase 2 needs your support to retrofit campus buildings with bird-safe designs!

Let's save birds together!